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Best Toronto Real Estate Agents

With thousands of real estate practitioners entering the Toronto real estate market each month, it can be difficult to weed through your choices when looking for the best Toronto real estate agents.

In fact, Realtors are not technically agents but salespeople, and must advertise as such. A good Toronto Realtor will advertise as a salesperson or Broker, and will clearly indicate their Brokerage in all promotional pieces. Clarity and straightforward communication should start there – from their business card to advertising to their website, you should get a clear impression of who they are, what they do and what company they are with.

With a ever widening variety of properties available in the Toronto Real Estate market, choosing your Realtor carefully has never been more important. Some things you may want to consider when interviewing real estate agents salespeople (or Brokers) include:

  • When you are talking to them, are they actually listening, and taking notes, and responding with intelligent questions so they can be sure and understand what you want and need?
  • Do they get back to you in a reasonable amount of time? Are they professional, friendly and courteous?
  • Do they provide you with information that relates to your stated objectives, or just a standard package or spiel they give to everyone?
  • Are they clear about what they will do for you?
  • Do they instill confidence in you, and help you understand and navigate the process?

These are just a few preliminary ideas to get you thinking about choosing a Realtor in Toronto. The GTA is full of real estate practitioners, and many are part time or otherwise less committed than you may want. As with hiring any professional, your Realtor should be someone you have trust in and who enhances and simplifies procedures that would be complex without professional help.