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Fun Ideas to Make Your Balcony Space More Inviting (…and Useful!)

Got a Toronto condo with a balcony? Even if it’s tiny, there are lots of things you can do to make it your own unique space, some of which will bring you enjoyment – and style points – even through the winter months.

Note: Check with your condo association to see what is and isn’t allowed in terms of permanent fixtures on your balcony, and then get creative! Here are some ideas:

Themes: Add a couple of pots of flowering hibiscus and some Hawaiian themed cushions for your balcony bench or chairs and enjoy a little Aloha right at home! Or, hang a couple of tin lights, add a salamander or two on the walls and transport yourself to the Mexican Riviera. You get the idea! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create some fun ambience. Even a few twinkling white lights will look pretty all year.

Escape: Create a little oasis with a small water feature such as a little fountain or tiny water garden with fish (visit a pond store for amazing ideas!), and a comfortable outdoor chair. Now you can enjoy peaceful reading or meditating in your own little sanctuary.

Garden Rewards: A balcony is a great place to grow food all summer, such as potted herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables, and even citrus. Our local garden stores are stocking more and more potted options for all the condo dwellers in Toronto. You’ll enjoy fresh produce all season and you could even learn some new dishes to impress guests, using your own freshly picked bounty.

Fresh & Green: Add a trellis with a climbing plant for summer, or even better a winter hardy climber, which will bring a view of greenery in through your window even in the winter months. If you’re not allowed to have an attached trellis because of condo rules, you can still use potted plants and a climbing plant trainer to create this effect.

Yoga: With a tiny radio and a yoga mat your balcony might be the perfect place to stretch and take some time to yourself. If it’s loud because of traffic or city noise, block out the distractions with headphones and relaxing music, and bliss out!

There are now some lovely options for floor coverings, hurricane lamps and many other items to spruce up your balcony and extend your living space with style. Stores such as Ikea and hardware stores such as Home Depot Canadian Tire are stocking more and more options as they recognize that condo dwellers are a large part of their market. Have fun getting creative with your balcony!