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Staging a House vs. Staging YOUR House

Scenario: You’re ready to sell your home and move on to your next adventure, and you’re interviewing Realtors. Some say they’ll get it sold for a surprisingly cheap commission, but how hard are they really going to work for you when they’re having their pay cut right from the starting gate? Others claim to include extras like ‘staging’ in their services, but just what is staging, and does it make a difference?

Some Answers: Staging has become a popular way to present houses for sale, and it has many virtues when it’s done well. The idea is to create a neutral yet fabulous setting to entice buyers to fall in love with the home. Staging takes a property from looking lived in, or even vacant, to looking like a model home. Many Realtors now either include staging services, which means people will come in and add ‘props’ to your house to make it look all dressed up, or they will include a consultation with a staging professional, who will make recommendations.

This is an excellent development in the real estate industry, as the many beautifully staged homes selling quickly will bear out. There are a few challenges, however, as the basic staging process has become somewhat ubiquitous as the concept matures and spreads in popularity; this has resulted in the same ideas and props being found in many homes, and buyers being less impressed.

I approach staging in a different way and wanted to share that here, because it’s something that really excites me and invariably excites my clients and their buyers as well.

When I enter a home, I have a unique gift for seeing things that others don’t see; I just KNOW what will make it look great. I can take a fresh look at the walls, windows, existing furniture and décor, and know exactly what to do to make this home shine – to take what is there and enhance it in ways that will make it look its absolute best. This may mean moving some furniture around, editing the décor, bringing in some pieces from my own collection of staging items, etc.. We maximize the existing features and setting of your home, whether it is one of a kind or has a layout that is similar or identical to other listings. The result is a beautiful home that sparkles in a way that no other can.

With your home in the spotlight, shining in the best possible way, the right buyers will fall in love with the look and feel. This is my goal when staging, and it’s never failed me. Homeowners often fall in love with their homes, even though they’d like to move!

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P.S. You may enjoy this video about the basics of staging a house for sale: