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How to Make the Most of Your Small Condo Kitchen

As Toronto condos get more and more compact, one area where space is sacrificed is the kitchen. Where once upon a time condos had walk in kitchens with a separate area for dining, more modern and recently built units, with penthouse and large suites as the exception, feature an open kitchen design or even a small one-wall kitchen that faces open living space. It can be a challenge to store a whole kitchen’s worth of dishes, food and other items in the limited cupboard space afforded modern condo dwellers. Here are some ideas to make your kitchen space more efficient, and hopefully add some style points while you’re at it!

small condo kitchen ideasBecause there are lots of items traditionally stored in kitchen cupboards, try using display shelving and items as a way to increase surface/storage space. A rolling drinks and glasses trolley, for instance, will allow you to store all your nice glasses, bottles of booze, and perhaps an ice bucket, and will likely have a top surface that can hold other items or even dishes of food for parties.

Use a multi-tiered storage stand or cake stand on your counter or table to hold lemons and limes, garlic and onions, spices and more – anything that would display nicely.

If you have space on top of your fridge, add attractive baskets or bins in which you can store things out of sight but readily available when you need them.

Consider a wooden kitchen cart, the surface of which can double as a small table or a cutting board when needed, as well as a place to put your small appliances and free up your precious counter space.

space saving ideas small condosAs a transition from your kitchen to your living space, try a see-through storage block ‘wall’ with bins and baskets to attractively keep things you’d like to grab daily, such as spices, coffee and tea, cookbooks, etc.. Add a butcher block counter on top as in this Golden Boys and Me idea pictured, and you have storage, space separation and a functional kitchen island all in one.

For both stylish storage and transition in small spaces, try ladder shelving. If you purchase the type pictured, you can store your attractive dishes and bowls, cookbooks and boxes of files, and also have a small space to use as a computer or writing desk.

Another great way to make the most of your small space is to create an organization wall. Innovative companies such as Interiors in Order Inc. offer surprisingly affordable and amazingly effective solutions for managing both your stuff and your time, all on one small space of wall. This is perfect for condos where space is at a premium!

Stores like IKEA are always coming up with innovative ways to make small spaces efficient; they cater to the Toronto condo market. Their showrooms are great places to gather ideas. Good luck, and call me any time if I can help you with your Toronto real estate needs.