Moving Checklist

Moving homes can be a challenging time for all concerned.

Ease the stress by being organized and ensuring all those ‘little things’ get taken care of with this handy moving checklist.

For instance, before you move it’s a good idea to get in touch with all your service providers, including any rentals or contracts you may have involving your current home. Cancel, transfer and arrange as much as possible so that your transition to the new location will go smoothly.

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Shauna Arthurs, Royal LePage Your Community

moving checklist toronto real estatePhone and Cable: Arrange for cancellation of current service and any new services you wish to purchase to coincide with your moving date. This may also apply to heating and hydro, alarm service, outside maintenance, cleaning or maid service, newspaper delivery, etc..

moving checklist from gta real estate agent shauna arthursDriver’s License: Inform the authorities within a few days of your move (you are actually legally obligated to do so). This may include other government issued documents and ID as well, from your Passport to any government payments you receive, etc..

toronto real estate shauna arthurs royal lepage your communityCredit Cards: – Let your credit card providers know of your new billing address even if you only receive statements and invoices online. Many companies which take credit card payments – hotels, gas stations, etc. – now check for matching information to prevent fraud.

moving checklist provided by shauna arthurs, toronto real estate salesperson with royal lepagePost Office: – You can arrange for your mail to be forwarded for a period of time after your move to ensure any stray snail mail gets to you. There is a small fee attached to this service, and it usually goes in six month increments.

york region real estateYour Bank/s: If not the same as your mortgage company, let them know as they will need to update their records. Include any other investment companies you deal with to ensure they have up to date records.

moving checklist markham real estate agentCell Phone Co.: Your cellular service provider should be notified of your address change.

moving checklist toronto real estateContact Doctors, Dentist, Veterinarian and Schools: Ask for copies of your records. You may also ask for referrals in your new area if applicable.

moving checklist toronto real estateConsider storing valuables to eliminate the possibility of breaking them or having them go missing during the move.

shauna arthurs toronto real estateGet estimates and book a moving company. Ensure that you and the moving company fully understand each other with regards to what is required, what will and will not be moved, timing and insurance coverage issues, and method of payment.

moving checklist toronto real estate royal lepage shauna arthursIf you have not already done so, contact your home insurance company and arrange for cancellation and/or transfer of insurance. BE SURE your new home is insurable before you have finalized your purchase.

When you’re in your new home, unpacking, organizing and becoming familiar with your new surroundings will take a little time. Try and enjoy the process as you begin to create new memories in your new home. Congratulations!